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Further Information

Modcrete Overview

  • Modcrete is a fast, versatile and cost effective permanent formwork system for the construction of reinforced concrete filled structural walls for single and multi-storey buildings.

  • Modcrete combines high structural capacity with the advantages of thermal mass and acoustic performance provided by a concrete monolithic wall.

  • Modcrete also delivers highly durable, smooth and impact resistant fibre cement internal and external wall surfaces, ready for appropriate invisible jointing and paint or texture coat finishes.

  • An optional high performance thermal insulation layer, factory bonded to the outside of the standard panel caters for all regulatory and energy saving requirements, as well as individual climatic and project preferences.


  1. CSR CeminSeal™ Fibre Cement Sheet and approved External Jointing and Coating System

  2. Insulation layer (optional)

  3. Modcrete core of Galvanised Steel Studs or Polystyrene Blocks

  4. Reinforcing Bars

  5. CSR CeminSeal™ Fibre Cement Sheet and Internal Jointing and Finish

  6. Starter bars connect walls to foundations

  7. Modcrete Galvanised Steel Base and Head Track

  8. Factory prefabricated Modcrete Panels are mated and fixed to joining studs and tracks with screws

  9. Closing strips are fixed around openings

  10. Factory prepared Lintel and Sill Panels

  11. Concrete fill, poured in stages



  • The Modcrete™ Permanent Formwork System is an ultraefficient method of forming reinforced concrete walls.

  • Fabricated using CSR CeminSeal™ water resistant fibre cement sheets, Modcrete does more than simplify construction.

  • Left in place upon completion, its dual skin functions as the external and internal wall surfaces, ready for invisible jointing and coating. This eliminates a significant amount of construction time and cost, thereby speeding the completion process and return on investment.

  • Available with or without insulation, Modcrete can be fabricated to suit virtually any building design. Panels are manufactured to your plans, location coded and delivered to site ready for installation.


Significantly reduces labour and cuts costs

Modcrete's intelligent design frees architects to design any structure without constraint. Off-site manufacturing in a quality controlled environment ensures consistent components for easier on-site installation. This makes for huge cost savings in on-site labour on works such as hosting and multi-level apartment projects.

Modcrete Means True Desigtn Flexibility

The beauty of Modcrete’s modular componentry means total design flexibility. Modcrete can be adapted to suit virtually any construction style, building size or town planning requirement.



Modcrete Construction Benefits

  • Faster Construction Factory prepared panels dramatically reduce construction times.

  • Less Skilled Labour Required Pre-manufactured componentry and simplified construction cuts on-site labour significantly, assures quality and reduces the amount of trade skills required on-site.

  • Reduced Supervision A reduction in on-site labour means a reduction in supervision time and costs.

  • Eliminates Cranes No cranes required for placement, reducing costs and complexity.

  • Improved Quality Control The Modcrete system is manufactured using quality materials and assembly techniques, providing high-quality consistent component panels.

  • Reduced Warranty Costs Resists visible cracking, reducing remedial/repair work and warranty costs.

  • Reduced Site Storage Components delivered to site when required, reducing on-site time and space requirements.

  • Increased Interior Space Up to 10m2 of extra interior space per home thanks to the reduced wall thickness, giving more interior space for the same footprint.

  • Better Strength and Durability Stronger and more durable than hollow cement block construction.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction Customers see higher quality finish with reduced callbacks.

  • Product Support for Developers and Builders Engineered and documented for fast integration into your project designs. Backed by TENSOR’s expert technical support team.

  • Design Flexibility System can be tailored to suit your design.

  • Adaptive Design Service Modcrete can be designed to suit any climatic or geological conditions.

Build Your Investiment, Better, Faster, Easier

The Modcrete permanent formwork wall system makes building better, faster and easier. From low-cost housing to luxury apartments, multi-storey residential buildings and industrial estates, the possibilities with Modcrete are endless. Modcrete delivers new standards in construction ease and quality. And with technical support backing from an Australian leader in construction technologies, you can be certain with Modcrete wherever and whatever you build.

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